5 reasons to plan a brunch wedding

Listen guys it's pretty much been the evening wedding for 20 years now - that's the most popular thing around. But honestly let's be real, there's just nothing better than brunch food! The fact that you can party in the morning! I'm sold! How about you? That's why I think we should bring back the brunch wedding.   Let's begin with reason number 1...

1. Budget. Economically speaking there's just no better way to save money then picking a time of day that isn't the premium. Most wedding venues will charge you two to three times as much for a wedding on a Saturday night but a wedding on Saturday morning for brunch is so much more affordable.  What about dancing you say? People don't dance during the day what can I do about that?

2.   Alcohol. There's no other better way to kick off the party!  Serve a little 'get up and dance juice.' It's totally acceptable at 11 a.m. to drink if you're having brunch. Everybody loves the brunch classics mimosas and bloody marys - you know the fun stuff. Did someone say mimosa or bloody mary bar? Good times will be had by all. 

3. Location. The most likely selected your wedding venue by visiting it during the day. So logic would state that you love that outside - the landscape, the view, the garden, etc. However, if you have an evening wedding your guests get to enjoy that view or that garden or the the ocean for maybe an hour before the sun sets and then it's pitch black outside and what you love the most about your venue is no longer relevant. A brunch wedding allows your guests to enjoy the venue that you selected.  The beautiful gardens, the roses, the view of the ocean,  whatever made you fall in love with the space.

4. Customize it. Weddings these days are really all about what you want. Customize your event to your specific wants and needs and vision. Do you want to have dancing? Do you want to throw out the first dance all together and not even have it? Do you want to toss the bouquet or not? You want to give away your bouquet?Really! Your wedding is about what you make of it and when you select something like a brunch wedding it's unique and individual! It allows you to mix it up -without much scrutiny or questioning from anyone because you've already set yourself outside of what's considered traditional. There is no expectation when you are defining for yourself what your wedding will be. 

5.  Time. When you get married in the morning and host a brunch reception your wedding is done by 2pm. What will you do with the rest of your day?! Yeah! That's up to you. Maybe have an intimate dinner with just your closest family at someone's home. Enjoy, laugh, relax. Who gets to relax on their wedding day and enjoy more hours of actually celebrating!? You do! You clever thing!

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