Congratulations on your engagement!!

So, you are engaged! Super exciting stuff! What now? Where do you start planning? 

 Celebrate your engagement! Enjoy the time. Tell your proposal story all over town. Don't feel like you must rush into setting a date, or taking planning advice from everyone and their mother. Relax. All will be well in good time. 

 Once you are ready to plan your wedding start by setting a budget first. Nothing is more important than deciding what amount of money you are willing to spend on the wedding celebrations. It is a mistake to begin anywhere else! 

 Next step... Guest list. Start by writing everyone down that you would love to invite. Maybe its everyone on your kickball team? Or all your workout friends from cross fit! Let your parents contribute their dream lists as well. Now decide what's reasonable. If you would like to have 250 guests and your budget is $20,000 you might have some trouble serving a plated meal and hosting a full bar. 

 At this point its best to prioritize your wants. I usually ask my clients to pick their top 5 most important elements. If your top five are: plated steak dinner, hosted bar, awesome photography, Hollywood style videography, and lush flowers. I'd advise you that $20,000 for 250 guests will be quite difficult. The best way to be sure you get all the important items on your top 5 list.... limit your guest count. I know... I'll let that sink in...

My job as a wedding planner is often educating my clients as to what is reasonable within their particular situation. The good news... wedding consultants can save you so much money in the long run. Contact us today! Let us help you make your dream wedding possible!!